Advertising Policy

FORWARD 43 Newsletter

(effective April 2015)

The main objective of having a newsletter is to serve our members by letting them know what is happening. As most of you know, there is an increasing number of businesses and commercial services that are “senior friendly” and FORWARD 43 will try to give these enterprises some space free of charge. We are not sure how this feature will evolve over time, but the following guidelines were approved by the District Executive at our March 2015 meeting.

In addition to the usual events and activities sponsored by District 43 (such as luncheons and bus excursions) and notices that come from Provincial RTO/ERO (eg. Foundation news), advertising falls into two categories:


Free promotion of the event, activity, or opportunity in the printed (and online) District 43 newsletter (Forward 43), will be allowed subject to available space and the following conditions:

- The nature of the event or activity is deemed to be of potential interest the majority of members of District 43 (including school reunions in/out of district)

- The activity or event must be non-profit for the organization or individual

- Announcements or notices from political parties, religious groups, or similar will not be accepted.

Allocation of space will be the minimum required to adequately format and display the message.


Free business card-sized ( measuring 50 x 90 mm or 3.5 “ x 2”) advertising only in the printed (and online) District 43 newsletter (Forward 43) , will be allowed subject to available space, and the following conditions:

à The nature of the advertising is deemed to be of interest to the majority of members of District 43, and ad content is geared towards seniors and retired individuals. Examples include recreational facilities, travel, real estate opportunities, and bed & breakfast accommodation. The offering of discounts or special senior rates is encouraged.

à all copy and artwork is supplied by the business ( a scanned business card itself is suitable - high resolution JPEG format please)

à Personal classified ads, and advertising from political parties, religious groups, financial planner/advisors, financial institutions or similar will not be accepted.

The Newsletter Editor in consultation with the District President will judge the suitability of all submitted ads against these criteria. The location of the ad in the newsletter will be at the sole discretion of the Newsletter Editor

Publication of any advertisement, announcement, or notice in the Forward 43 newsletter or other District 43 printed material does not constitute endorsement of the product or service by RTO/ERO District 43 (Nipissing) nor imply knowledge of the advertisement, company, product or opportunity.

Please submit all community service or business advertising copy and images to:

Derek Stott, District 43 Newsletter Editor