Dec.5, 2019 - Luncheon Meeting Minutes

 General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Davedi Club


  1. Call to order & Welcome:  President, Doug Bolger, called the meeting to order at  11:30 a.m.
  1.  Introduction of New Members & Membership Report:  Chris Cassidy.  Chris reported that we know have 691 members.  She introduced 3 new members to District 43;  Patricia Danis, Suzanne Lukasik &a Anne Kratz.


  • Rick Peterson:  Photos   Rick has an envelope full of pictures taken during the Montreal / Quebec City trip should anyone care to see them.  An amazing time was had by all.


  • Book Project:  Sue Rhoads

Sue announced that any further monies raised by Book Project sales will be donated to Frontier College.  Today’s ticket draw sales will be donated to the North Bay Santa Fund.


  • Sue Priebe – Crystal Kaufman    Sue mentioned that there were postcards on each table courtesy of Crystal Kaufman of BioPed, regarding her work overseas entitled, “Work Perks”.


  • Pat Moulson – North Bay Area Museum    Pat would like to leave us with some homework.  She is working on s project entitled, Where Are They Now ?  She is asking our assistance in contacting people between the ages of 35-50, asking them to contact her at the museum, should they be interested in participating in her project.


  1. Adoption of Minutes –  Thursday, May 9, 2019 General Meeting:

                 Minutes were hard copied and placed on all tables for consideration.  Motion to approve

                 September 3, 2019 General meeting minutes made by Cheryl Nidd.  Seconded by Gail         

                 Geddes-Bell.  CARRIED.  Minutes accepted as written.


  1.  Treasurer’s Report:  Presentation of 2019 budget to the end of 2019 calendar year made by Anne Delaney.

Anne provided a hard copy of the 2019 budget on all tables for consideration.

Approval of 2019 Financial Statement   Moved by Anne Delaney.  Seconded by Diane Labbe.  CARRIED


  1. President’s Report:  Doug Bolger
  • Constitution/Governance  (By-law revisions) -   Doug reported that soon there will be new by-laws to the Constitution, and that those changes to the by-laws may be presented to the members as early as the February meeting (hopefully).
  • Doug informed all general members that Johnson’s Insurance is donating $375,000 to the RTO Foundation.
  • Branding – Doug unveiled the new banner for the RTO/ERO.  He also shared with the members a video featuring Jim Grieves of RTO/ERO, outlining the new marketing approach for 2020.  In the video, he stated that 2020 will continue to be a “Refreshing” of the RTO/ERO brand.  Doug asked Sue Rhoda's to use the Santa Fund tickets to draw for a swag bag which came with the new banner.  The winner of the swag bag was Dorothy Lemieux.  Doug shared his sad tale of woe concerning the missing banner marked for District 43.


  • Doug asked the members to recognize Estelle Pelkey, who has won numerous awards for her work in Palliative Care.


  1. Committee Reports:


a ) Meals – Stephanie Roy

     Stephanie reminded executive members to please lend a hand to assist others who may need help getting their lunches.


                               b )  Travel:  Quebec City trip -  Murray Neil   

Murray mentioned that there are only 4 seats left for the Stratford trip to see the play Chicago in June.  There is a waiver which must be completed by the members attending, and Derek will have that waiver put on line at the District 43 website asap. Murray also spoke to another 9 day trip to Newfoundland in August.  He has itineraries available, should anyone be interested in seeing one.


                         c )  Goodwill:  May Seguin

                          May is absent today, but sent her Goodwill report electronically to Doug.  It shall be Included with the filed minutes.


.                              d )  Political Advocacy:   Sharon Walker    No report


                          e )  Service to Others :  Olive Ridler    Olive asked members to check out the District  43 Facebook page.  She also reminded members that the deadline for sponsoring a charity is quickly approaching (March 1st).  The Provincial Grant application must be completed by April 1, 2020.  Olive reminded members that any one charity may only receive sponsorship twice, then they become ineligible.


f ). Health Benefits:  Dorothy Lemieux     Dorothy let members know that big changes are coming in 2020  with regard to Travel Insurance.  Dorothy gave me a hard copy of her report, which shall be included with the filed minutes.


  1.  Grace:  Gail Geddes-Bell


  1. Luncheon


  1. Guest Entertainment :  Gateway Harmony Company and Heartbeat Quartet

It was lovely to be serenaded by these two choirs, as they performed a medley of Christmas favourites, old and new

 Raffle Draw Winners:  Stephanie Roy - Raffle draw winners were: (Gail took names down as I had to leave.  Haven't been able to get hold of her.)


  1. Adjournment: Motion of Adjournment made by Lori Betik at 1:15 p.m.


Next General Meeting:  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, February 11, 2020  at Davedi Club


                                    Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Nidd