September 4, 2018- Luncheon Meeting Minutes

R.T.O. General Meeting Nipissing District 43

Tuesday September 4, 2018

Best Western, North Bay  


1. Call to Order, Welcome.  Gail welcomed members and called the meeting to order.

2 Adoption of Minutes of May 10, 2018 General Meeting

Motion   Moved by Lise Gravelle, Seconded by Doug Bolger that the minutes be accepted as written.   Carried

3. President’s Report.  Gail mentioned that there will be changes and the constitution has to be revised.  District 43 will need to form a committee to work on this. Historical information has been requested concerning our 50th anniversary.  We will send them info on our flag raising at city hall followed by the reception at the North Bay Public Library. District 6, Parry Sound is hosting a cruise including dinner.  See Gail for more information.  Paul Walker has suggested we store boxes/archives at the North Bay Library.  See May Seguin or Sue Rhoads if you have any archives to store.  We need to be aware that the Provincial Conservatives have instituted a snitch line on teachers. 

4. Committee Reports

Travel - Murray Neil. The Shaw trip in the fall is almost full.  The Sept.15, 2019 trip to Quebec is booking quickly.  Approximately 10 seats are still available.  There may be a trip in the spring.  Details TBA.

Good Will-May Seguin. Report attached.

Membership-Chris Cassidy.  We now have 678 members.  Two new members were introduced.  Chris mentioned also the theatre events of the plays “Three, Two One” and “Arsenic and Old Lace” to be presented soon.

Service to Others-Olive Riddler .  We now have a Facebook page.  Check it out at

First Vice President’s Report-Doug Bolger.  In October the foundation will fund “Engage”.   Senior social isolation will be addressed.  3rd Age Nipissing will be presenting a series of lectures on “Cannabis and your Golden Years”.  Dates are Oct. 10, 17, 24, 2018.  Tickets are available at Royal LePage, Pinehill Coffee Shop and the Museum.

5.  Treasurer’s Report.  Anne Delaney

                    Motion: Moved by Anne Delaney and seconded by Olive Riddler                                                   that the Financial Report be accepted as printed. Report attached.   Carried.  

                We will need a substitute for treasurer in the new year. The social  events of Anything But Bridge (ABB) and the Book Club now have a new event-the Ukulele club.  See Anne for more details.

6. Grace: May Seguin                

7.     Luncheon

8.   Doug Bolger introduced Louise Guerin who is Provincial Liaison for the near north and liaison of the Political Advocacy Committee (PAC).  Louise said their priorities are health and communication.  There will be a Seniors Expo Sept.12th at the Elks Club.  District 43/44 will have a golf tournament Sept.13th in Mattawa.

Guest Speaker: Ron Edwards

 Introduction: Doug Bolger    Ron Edwards started teaching in 1951 at the age of 18.  He taught for 36 years, the last 25 as a teaching principal.  He directed Senate meetings for 22 years and spent 43 consecutive Senate Meetings at the Speaker’s podium.  He was RTO’s first and only speaker.  The position did not even exist before he took it on.   Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Ron Edwards.

Ron Edwards spoke on some of the history of RTO:   The Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) was pressured to include retired teachers when discussing pensions.  Retired teachers were part pf the Superannuated Teachers of Ontario which eventually became Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO) but it took time.  People felt that Superannuated included the word super and Retired included the word tired.  RTO is an advocacy for seniors locally, provincially and nationally.  The goal is that by 2020 it will be regarded nationally as the authority on senior issues. 

Thank you:  Chris Cassidy

Raffles won by Sister Regina, Elin Palangio, Cheryl Nidd, Chris Cassidy, John Lunn

Closing Remarks: Gail Geddes Bell  - Elder Abuse is a major social problem.  Beware of family trusts.  Power of Attorneys should be on file with the pension board.