Feb. 20 2018- Luncheon Meeting Minutes

R.T.O. General Meeting Nipissing District 43

Tuesday, February 20th 2018

Best Western, North Bay       

1. Call to Order and Welcome    -Doug Bolger Vice President. After welcoming everyone Doug thanked May Seguin and Jan Poudrier for their work on the history of RTO District 43 for our 50th anniversary.  He also said that our thoughts go out to Derek Stott recovering from surgery.  We will send him photos of our luncheon members to show we are thinking of him.

Introduction of New Members  -Chris Cassidy –We now have 652 members including 1 new member

2.  Adoption of Minutes of   Dec.7/17 General Meeting

Motion: Moved by Joan Hambley seconded by Olive Riddler that the minutes be accepted as written.   Carried

3. Treasurer’s Report.  Anne Delaney

Motion: Moved by Anne Delaney and seconded by Sue Rhoads that the Financial Report of 2017 be accepted as printed.  Carried.   Report attached

Moved by Anne that the 2018 proposed Budget be approved. Seconded by Chris Cassidy.      Carried.  Report attached

Anne also stated that the year end audit has been completed.

4. Committee Reports

Travel                        - Murray Neil.   Murray stated that a million and a half dollars have gone in and out of the travel budget.  Mar.16/18 is the deadline for final payment for the 1st trip to “Come from Away”.  Apr.13/18 is the deadline for the final payment of the 2nd trip to “Come from Away.”  The Sept. trip to the Shaw festival is almost booked.

Good Will                -May Seguin. May thanked everyone for keeping her up to date on those requiring cards.  She also thanked those who helped by delivering gifts to 30 shut-ins.  Report attached.

Health                       -Dorothy Lemieux. The Open Enrolment window closes Mar.13/18 with no medical required.  The workshop for District Health Representatives will be June 3 & 4, 2018.  The Free Style Libre System to measure glucose levels is covered by RTO/ERO extended health plan.  The Health Services and Insurance Committee of RTO/ERO met on Dec.4, 5, 6, 2018.  Report attached.

Pension and Benefits         -Susan Priebe.  April 23 /18 is the date for the retirement workshop.  Admission is free.

Political Advocacy                -Sharon Walker March 10/18 is the date the new PC leader will be chosen.  Until that happens things are in a holding pattern. The next newsletter will have more up to date information.

Service to Others -Olive Riddler.  There are 5 applications to be considered by RTO executive.  The scholarship deadline is now Mar.15/18.

RTO Foundation   –Doug Bolger.   Doug encouraged donations to the foundation which is doing excellent work.

5.     Grace May Seguin

6.      Luncheon

7.       Presentations

Joanne Bernier reminded everyone of the IODE trip to Toronto to see An America in Paris.  See Joanne for more information.                                                      

District 43’s 50th Anniversary Committee-           Sharon Walker.  On April 30/18 there will be a flag raising of the RTO flag at city hall at 10 am.  A reception will follow.  Venue TBA.  On April 24/18 at 6:30 pm RTO members are welcome at city hall for presentations to city council.  The committee is looking for memorabilia and artefacts.  See Sharon if you have any to contribute.   We will partner with District 44 and there may be celebrations outside the city.

Tree Planting Celebration-Paul Brazeau-   The bus is booked for Friday May 4/18.  There is a sign up sheet or see Paul for more information.  Spruce and Pine will be planted from Henri Menard’s nursery.  Most likely there will be a celebration afterwards.

Third Age Nipissing-Joan Hambley                      Third Age Learning is a lifelong learning group that hopes to provide interesting and enlightening presentations to seniors.  The first lecture series is titled “The Love of Music”.  Each of the 3 series will be held at the Holiday Inn Express on Seymour St. North Bay from 1:30-3:30 pm.  The dates are May 9, 16, 23, 2018.  To receive more information go to thirdagenipssing.com or contact Anne Delaney at 705-495-1418. 

8.    Raffles won by Louise Green, Laurie Bethik and Joan Hambley

Next Luncheon meeting at the Davedi Club on May 10, 2018

Moved by Olive Riddler to Adjourn at 1:10 pm.


Secretary  - Joan Hambley