May 10 2018- Luncheon Meeting Minutes

R.T.O. General Meeting Nipissing District 43

Thursday May 10, 2018

Davedi Club, North Bay       

  1.     Call to Order and Welcome. Gail paid homage to Jim Marmino and how fitting it was that we were at his beloved Davedi Club for our luncheon meeting.  He will be missed.  She then thanked the entire executive committee for their hard work this past year.  We recently had a very successful retirement workshop in North Bay.  RTO’s trips and activities were highlighted.  There are close to 1000 RTO members in the province.
  2.    Adoption of Minutes of Feb.20/18 general meeting.
  3.    Treasurer’s Report.  Anne Delaney
  4. Moved by Anne Delaney and seconded by Hugh Stickle that the Financial Report be accepted as printed.  Carried.   Report attached
  5.    Committee Reports

Vice President- Doug Bolger.  Doug thanked the 50th anniversary committee for their hard work which resulted in a successful celebration.  He mentioned the Senate and the Foundation in which he is involved.  He recommended that everyone make themselves aware of The Village at Canadore College.  He is hoping The Village receives the $50,000 from the Foundation.  Information on the Foundation was present on the tables.  See attached.

Good Will  -May Seguin. May thanked everyone for keeping her up to date on those requiring cards.  It’s been a busy time for a variety of reasons.  Report attached.

Membership-Chris Cassidy. There are now 659 members of RTO and numbers are growing.  You can be a member of RTO and not take part in the benefits package.

Past President- Paul Brazeau.  We need tree planters for May 25th.  See Paul for details.

Travel - Murray Neil.  The first May trip to Toronto to see Come From Away was one of the best trips so far.  The second trip will be May 30-31.  A trip to the Shaw Festival in the fall is filling up fast.  A Quebec City trip in the fall of 2019 is in the planning stage.  Baggage tags were distributed to members present and will be given out to travellers this year.

5.     Grace May Seguin

6.      Luncheon

7.       Presentations        

25 and 26 year certificates were handed out by Stephanie Roy to recipients, many of whom were present.

  Service to Others grant recipients- Olive Riddler

1.  3rd Age Nipissing. $750  The 3rd Age Learning  group was formed in the fall of 2017.  There are 3 lectures scheduled for May on the Love of Music.  Renata Wachowiak- Smolikova thanked RTO for their support.

2. Nipissing University Eddie Band.  $500 . Students from Nipissing and Canadore were invited to join this ensemble band.  Seniors of all ages were invited also.  The ages of the band are now 18-71.  There is amazing rapport in the group with weekly practices, no budget and no fees charged.  Only 4 concerts are presented each year as well as lunch time recitals.  A representative ensemble will be performing at our RTO Dec. meeting.

            3. Capital Centre –$500.  Their funds will be used for the Children’s Festival in June.

4.  Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre. $500  This theatre helps boost children’s self confidence and gives them a place to be safe and welcomed as they grow.  There are spring and winter productions as well as summer training and production.

5. Near North Palliative Care Network. $750  It began 31 years ago.   It provides visiting hospice and grief counselling.  The funds will be used for educational purposes to keep volunteers up to date.


8.    Raffles won by :
Andy Grant- 3rd Age Nipissing tickets, Chris Cassidy-Friday lunch at the Davedi Club, Christine Todd-3rd Age Nipissing tickets, Lorene Kroger-Davedi lunch.

Next Luncheon meeting September 4, 2018

Adjournment: 1:25 pm

Secretary  Joan Hambley