February 12, 2019 - Luncheon Meeting Minutes

 RTO/ERO District 43 - General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Best Western Hotel - Lakeshore Dr., North Bay, ON

Present:  Doug Bolger, Chris Cassidy, Dorothy Lemieux, May Seguin,, Sue Rhoads,  Derek Stott,  Murray Neil, Sue Priebe, Gail Geddes-Bell, Cheryl Nidd, Stephanie Roy, Joan Hambley

Regrets: Sharon Walker, Paul Brazeau, Anne Delaney

  1. Call to order & Welcome:  Doug Bolger called meeting to order at  11:33 a.m.
    Doug reminded all present of the importance of the RTO fund, and to consider donating.  He also informed members that there would be a Feedback Page located on each table and asked members to fill it in.  For consideration:  RTO requires one AGM per calendar year, and currently we have four.  Do we need to have four general meetings per year ?  If not, which meeting would they consider cancelling ?  Doug also informed members of Louise Guerin’s visit at the Executive meeting in January.  Her key proposal was a flat rate membership fee of $70  per person.  Those currently paying less will be grandfathered.  Those paying more will see a reduction in fees.
  2.  Introduction of New Members:  Chris Cassidy
    We are currently at 671 members.  Chris introduced our newest members:  Jill Labrech and Yvonne Barbe.  Chris also promoted a local play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller,, to be held at Ecole Odysee on March 27-30, 2019, 7:30 p.m.  Cost is $20 per person.
  3. Adoption of Minutes – December 6, 2018 General Meeting:
    Motion to approve minutes made by Hugh Stickle. Seconded by Olive Ridler.  Minutes to be accepted as written.
  4. Treasurer’s Report:  Presentation of 2019 final budget, on behalf of Anne Delaney.
    Approval of 2018 Financial Statement   Moved by Rick Peterson.  Seconded by Lori Betik.  Carried
    Approval of 2019 Budget     Moved by Julianne Smrke.  Seconded by Margaret Surtees.Carried
  5. 25 Year Certificate Presentations:  Stephanie Roy
    Stephanie congratulated those members receiving their 25 Year certificates. Those receiving certificates were:  Myrna Bielby; Joyce Boston; Gertrude Brennan; Chris Cassidy; William Harris; John Lunn; Hugh MacDonald; Donald Mitchell; Larry Murray; Sydney Ouelette; Hugh Owen; Barbara Page; Hugette Payne; Eugene Perabo; May Seguin; Anita Spaulding; Betty Taylor, and Gerald Zima.  Derek Stott took a group picture.  Congratulations, 2019 recipients !  Derek Stott took a photo.


  1. Special Presentation:  June Szeman Award presented by Gail Geddes-Bell
    Gail gave members a brief background about the June Szeman award.  It is presented to the RTO member exhibiting distinguished leadership and contribution to our district.  Gail presented the award to Murray Neil.  Congratulations, Murray !
  1.     Committee Reports:                    

                   a)  Travel:  Quebec City trip -  Murray Neil    Quebec City trip is almost filled.  Murray informed members that the trip is 6 days, running from Sept. 15 – 20, 2019.  If anyone is interested, please contact Murray as soon as possible.       

                   b)  Goodwill:  May Seguin    Note – May provided a copy of her updated lists and communication information, which will be attached to minutes in the binder. May specifically mentioned sending a 90th birthday certificate to Sister Rosemary Carole.  May also thanked all of her Valentine helpers in the delivering of Valentine Wishes to those who are infirmed.                        

                    c)  Health & Benefits:  Dorothy Lemieux
Dorothy informed the members that recreational cannabis is not legal everywhere.  If you are caught crossing a border with recreational cannabis, you are subject to the penalties.  Johnson Insurance does not cover any claim relating to cannabis conviction.                  

                    d)  Pension & Retirement:  Sue Priebe
Sue informed members that there will be a retirement workshop held on March 23, 2019, upstairs at the North Bay Museum.  No charge for this event.

                    e). Political Advocacy:   Sharon Walker
No report.  Doug asked members to keep both
 Sharon and Paul in their thoughts and prayers.  He also stated that Vibrant Voices  information is being pushed in Ottawa in light of the upcoming Federal election.

                    f).Service to Others:   Olive Ridler
Olive informed the membership that March 1, 2019 is the deadline for charity applications.  Information and applications can be found on District 43 website.  Olive encouraged all to join the District 43 Facebook page.

  1. Grace:  May Seguin
  1. Luncheon (Feedback Discussion)
  1. Guest Speaker:  Crystal Kaufman   “The Power of Used Shoes”

Sue Priebe introduced Crystal Kaufman.  Crystal is part of the BioPed and Soles4Souls initiative.  In 2015, BioPed began a collaboration with Soles4Souls – a non-profit organization out of Nashville.  This organization has a direct economic impact on the women of Haiti, and expanding into the Honduras and Costa Rica.  In the Micro-Enterprise Program, over 500 women have enrolled, learned to read, write and set up a business plan.  They sell the used shoes in their local marketplaces.  North Bay has collected over 25,000 pairs of donated shoes, and the BioPed Network has collected over 234,00 pairs ! Soles4Souls has been recognized and gained International Charity status, and has set up 2 warehouses to handle all of the donations.  Crystal has also gone on Service Trips to Haiti, bringing shoes to 500-600 children in schools and orphanages in Haiti.  Crystal stated that Haiti had taught her about gratitude !

Crystal was thanked by Sue Priebe.

  1. Raffle Draw Winners:  May Seguin
    Raffle draw winners were: Lori Betik; Sue Rhoads; Doug Bolger; and Sister Regina.
  1. Adjournment: Motion of Adjournment made by Bernie Gaudaur  at 1:17 p.m.
    Collection of Feedback Forms from Tables.  Doug to summarize information.
  2. Next Executive Meeting:  March 26, 2019   Venue TBD  

                                    Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Nidd