December 6, 2018- Luncheon Meeting Minutes

R.T.O Christmas General Meeting at the Davedi Club
Thursday December 6, 2018


1. Welcome-Gail Geddes-Bell

2. Adoption of Minutes-Moved by Hugh Stickle, Seconded by Olive Ridler that the minutes be adopted.  Carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report- Anne Delaney. Moved by Anne, Seconded by Joanne Bernier that the treasurer’s report be accepted.  Carried. Report attached

4. President’s Report –Gail reported on RTO’s Fall Senate.  Their focus is on recruitment and strategies for reaching out to more education employees because we need 9 new members a day to offset the deaths.  RTO is a powerful voice in political issues relating to seniors. Also, Bill C27 should be watched because of the movement away from defined pensions.  RTO is looking at Re-branding themselves based on this quote:  “Your brand is your essential promise and your reputation is how you deliver the promise”.  The focus in the New Year will be local constitution reform.  Printed report attached.

5.  Committee Reports

Good Will- May Seguin. May thanked her team who delivered Christmas gifts to members.  Report attached.

Membership- Doug Bolger for Chris Cassidy.  We now have 677 members.

RTO Foundation-Doug Bolger. Members are encouraged to contribute because the foundation supports many senior issues.

Travel- Murray Neil.  171 people traveled in 2018. Quebec City in the fall of 2019 is the 45th trip.  There are a few seats left.  There has been an attempt to accommodate singles on the trips.  Paying by cash helps keep the costs down. Murray complimented Tisdale Bus Lines for their help and professionalism in rescuing the tour when the bus broke down.

Nomination Report- Paul Brazeau.  Moved by Hugh Stickle seconded by Olive Ridler that the nominations as amended be accepted.  Carried. The positions are:

President Doug Bolger, First Vice Paul Brazeau, Past President Gail Geddes-Bell, Chair of Project STO and 2nd Vice Olive Ridler, Secretary Cheryl Nidd, Treasurer Anne Delaney, Good Will May Seguin, Membership Chris Cassidy, Pension Sue Priebe, Newsletter and webmaster Derek Stott, Political Advocacy Sharon Walker, Contact Team Stephanie Roy, Travel Murray Neil, Members at large Joan Hambley and Sue Rhoads. Report attached.

6. Grace-May Seguin

7. Luncheon

8. President’s Pin was presented to Gail Geddes-Bell by Doug Bolger.  Doug thanked Gail for her contribution to RTO as president for the past two years.

9. Entertainment- North Bay Ukulele Band

10. Raffles- Won by; Patricia Nelson, Ron Edwards, Lois Houston, Sheila Flannery

11. Closing Remarks- Gail thanked the Davedi Club for hosting our luncheon.

Adjournment at 1:25

Secretary Joan Hambley