Sept. 5 2017 Luncheon Meeting Minutes

R.T.O. Fall General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 5, 2017  
(minutes taken by Doug Bolger on behalf of Joan Hambley, Dist. 43 Secretary)  

  1.  Welcome - Gail Geddes-Bell, President, called the meeting to order, with “the ringing of the bell” at 11:32 a.m. Gail welcome everyone.
  1. Adoption of Minutes: (Copies were made available at the tables.)
  1. Moved by Olive Riddler and seconded by Cheryl Nidd that the Minutes of May 11th, 2017 General Meeting be adopted as presented.  CARRIED
  1. Treasurer’s Report –(Copies were made available at the tables.)
  1. Moved by Mae Sequin and seconded by Hugh Stickle that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted as presented.  CARRIED
  1. President's Report - Gail Geddes-Bell thanked the District 43 Executive for all the work they do behind the scene and especially in preparation for the Luncheon Meetings.  She also thanked all the members for their contributions and support for each other and the community at large. Gail gave greetings on behalf of Neil Cornthwaite, who has moved to the Ottawa area but will be maintaining his District 43 membership. She then mentioned the Provincial Meetings she has attended which included the Spring Senate meeting, (which focused on Governance) and the Communications Workshop.
    It was pointed out that there is increased difficulty in getting RTO Retirement information into the schools as the Teacher Affiliates are promoting their own Insurance Plan (OTIP). Gail reminded members that we are the ambassadors for RTO and encouraged members to share the benefits of RTO with persons approaching retirement. In closing she reminded members of RTO’s strength as a powerful lobby for issues in our province.
  2. Committee Reports:
  • Good Will - May Seguin reported a busy period since our last meeting.  Provincial Office records updates have created problems for herself and Chris Cassidy (Membership). However, these issues seem to have been resolved.  She mentioned that memorial donations are encouraged to the RTO Foundation or the Nipissing Hospice. (Report attached)
  •  District 43 recognized Sister Noreen Muldoon’s 90th birthday.  President Gail presented Sister Noreen with a certificate.
  • Membership - Chris Cassidy welcomed the following new members: Liz Bradley, Terry Blair, Lise Gravelle, Susan van Schaayk, Mary-Lynne Santary, and Annabel Hughes. Chris report current membership numbers and also encouraged members to invite friends and colleagues to join RTO.
  • Political Advocacy:  Sharon Walker reminded members of:
    The “Free Senior’s Information and Active Living Fair”, at the YMCA on Sept. 14th from 11 am to 3 pm.
     The “Patient First (Health Care)” session on Oct. 5th from 10 am to 12 noon at the ONR Building.
    Ann McIntyre then spoke about Bill 33 and the need for government action regarding Long Term Care Facilities.  She encouraged members to sign a petition (on each table) related to this matter.
  1. Service to Others: Olive Riddler outlined the opportunities for “Service to Others” grants both from District 43 and at the Provincial Level. Information was available on each table.
  2. Book Club: Stephanie Roy took a moment to thank everyone for their cards and expressions of concern and support during her recent health issues.  She then invited members to the RTO Book Club.  Meetings are scheduled for:
    • Sept. 28th – at Churchills. Book: “The Other Einstein”
    • Oct. 20th – at Average Joes. Book: “Handmaids Tale”
    • Contact Anne Delaney for details.
  1. Travel: Murray Neil reported that the two trips in May 2018 to Toronto to see “Come From Away” are sold out already.  He is now working on plans for a fall 2018 trip to the Shaw Festival, which will feature “The Grand Hotel”.
  1. Grace: Doug Bolger shared some reflections on retirement from an Aug. 24th edition of the Globe and Mail and then called for a moment of thanksgiving.
  1. Luncheon
  1. Introduction of Guest Speaker: Maureen Cassidy was introduced by her mother Chris Cassidy. 
  1. Guest Speaker: Maureen Cassidy spoke of her journey through a critical life event with necrotizing fasciitis, (flesh eating disease), describing the dramatic impact it has had on her life.  She share about her decision “to be seen” and “to be heard”. She challenged those present with the question: “What are you doing with the time you have now?” Maureen wrote a play, “Eighteen Degrees”, based on her experience and will perform this production at the Discovery North Museum, Oct. 31st to Nov.4th at 7:30 pm and at 2:00 pm on Nov. 4th.  Contact Chris Cassidy for advanced tickets.  Proceeds for this event will be donated to the Chippewa Secondary School Breakfast Program.

Doug Bolger thanked Maureen on behalf of the RTO gathering and presented Maureen with a $50 honorarium which she ask to have donated to the Chippewa Secondary School Breakfast Program.

  1. Closing Remarks, Raffles: President Gail brought closing remarks reminding members that: “Laughter is better than Tears and Love is greater than Hate”.  She then called on May Sequin to conduct the raffle draws (2) for dinners for two at the Farina Restaurant (donated by the Best Western).  Winners were Therese St. Jules and Katie Larouche.
  1. Next Luncheon: December 7th, 2017.
  1. Adjournment: Hugh Stickle moved that the meeting be adjourned at 1:35 pm.