May 9, 2019 - Luncheon Meeting Minutes

General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Best Western


Present:  Doug Bolger, Chris Cassidy, Dorothy Lemieux, May Seguin, Sue Rhoads,  Derek Stott,  Murray Neil, Sue Priebe, Gail Geddes-Bell, Cheryl Nidd, Stephanie Roy, Anne Delaney, Sharon Walker, Paul Brazeau, Joan Hambley

Regrets: None

  1. Call to order & Welcome:  Doug Bolger called meeting to order at  11:35 a.m.

Doug thanked all who filled in the survey sheets at the last general meeting.  All feedback was taken seriously.  The survey revealed that the executive has been “doing the right thing”.  There will continue to be 4 meetings, with venues of Best Western/Davedi Club being the most popular.  Meetings will continue to have guest speakers, alternating between informational and entertainment presentations.

  • Introduction of New Members:  Chris Cassidy

We are currently at 684 members.  Chris mentioned that we now have 21 non-retired members.  She has delivered 41 RTO/ERO packages to area school boards. Chris also promoted 2 local plays:  The Outlaw, currently playing and performed by the Gateway Theatre Guild; and Broadway Stories, running from May 22-25, 2019.

  • Book Project:  Sue Rhoads

First book sale project is being held at today’s luncheon.  All monies raised will be donated to charity.  Today’s charity is the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder.  Sue introduced Ms. Wilkinson, who gave a summary presentation re: what resources are available for FASD families in North Bay and area.

  • Heritage Gardeners:  Cheryl Nidd

RTO/ERO has been given the opportunity to tend one of the Heritage Garden beds at the North Bay Waterfront this year.  If anyone is interested, please let Cheryl know as soon a possible.  If there is enough interest, the volunteer list will be forwarded to the Office of the Heritage Gardeners for scheduling.


  1. Adoption of Minutes – December 6, 2018 General Meeting:

                 Minutes were hard copied and placed on all tables for consideration.  Motion to approve

                  Dec. 6, 2019 General meeting minutes made by Cheryl Nidd.  Seconded by Chris Cassidy.      

                  Minutes to be accepted as written.  CARRIED

  1.  Treasurer’s Report:  Presentation of 2019  budget, made by Anne Delaney.

Anne provided a hard copy of the 2019 budget, which was placed on the back of the Agenda, and put on all tables for consideration.

Approval of 2019 Financial Statement   Moved by Anne Delaney.  Seconded by Diane Labbe.  CARRIED

  1. President’s Report:  Doug Bolger


  • Constitution/Governance  (By-law revisions) - There has been some changes to the language within the Revision of the by-laws. This will affect Gail Geddes-Bell and her team (Chris Cassidy and Derek Stott) as they begin updating our Constitution.
  • Code of Conduct -   A Code of Conduct is being developed as a guideline for RTO/ERO members, and will be an addendum to our Constitution.
  • Branding -  Being known as the Retired Teachers of Ontario is now misleading, as some of our members are neither retired nor teachers !  In addition, chapters exist not only in Ontario.  There are 2 chapters in British Columbia, as well. New name to be VIIV, and to be introduced at Senate meetings, May 27-29, 2019.
  • Membership Fees – Doug went into greater detail in explaining how the new membership fees are determined.  The new fee proposal is a flat rate of $70.00, with grandfathering taking place.  The increase in fees is based on the CPI inflation factor, which occurs annually.
  • Doug also received Agenda materials for the upcoming Senate.


  1. Committee Reports:


                   a)  Travel:  Quebec City trip -  Murray Neil    Quebec City trip is within 2 seats of being
                         full.  Murray expressed gratitude to Mayne Travel and the RTO executive for their

                       b). Goodwill:  May Seguin    Note – May provided a copy of her updated lists and
                             it will be placed in the binder with the minutes.  May explained to all how her
                             program works. She averages 15-16 birthday cards per month.  May asked that
                             should she forget anyone, to let Cheryl or herself know.  May read the names of all
                             members who have passed away in the last year.  Thee was a special moment of
                             silence in remembrance.  May to forward hard copy of the list for attachment to
                             the minutes.

                    c)  Health & Benefits:  Dorothy Lemieux   

                         Dorothy stated that the Committee looked at plan designs for 2020.  The ideas were
                         Summarized by Dorothy, and are included in hard copy with the minutes.  It was
                         Decided to continue a two-year agreement with Johnson’s Insurance.  Dorothy to attend
the conference in Toronto on June 9-19, 2019.

                    d)  Pension & Retirement:  Sue Priebe   

                          No report

  1. Political Advocacy:   Sharon Walker    No formal report. Political Advocacy is gearing up for the fall Federal election.
  2. Service to Others Grant Presentations:   Olive Ridley

STO Grants were presented to 3 recipients this year.

  1.  Third Age Learning - $600.00 grant presented to Mary Thorne
  2.  Northern Ontario Visual Arts Curatorial Collective - $600.00 grant presented to

Renalea Jordan and Dermot Williams.

  1. East Ferris Golden Age Club -  $1000.00 grant presented to Ronald Roy and Lynne


Doug kindly reminded recipients that a short report outlining how the grants were used should be sent back to RTO/ERO executive members.


  1. Grace:  May Seguin
  1. Luncheon
  1. Guest Speaker:  Carol Gilmour of the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Chris Cassidy introduced and thanked Carol for her very informative presentation.  Carol outlined how the Canadian Anit-Fraud Centre assists others by employing a Disruption Program, thereby closing down options for the fraud to continue.  The CAFC works with financial institutions, telephone service providers, email service providers, internet service providers, credit card fraud, and merchant accounts associated with fraud.  Carol warned members to be especially wary of Mass Marketing Fraud, which is under the umbrella of Organized Crime. You may call the CAFC toll free at 1-888-495-8501, Monday to  Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  You may also report on their website,


  1.  Raffle Draw Winners:  May Seguin

Raffle draw winners were:  Diane Labbe, Julianne Smrke, Sue Priebe, Bill Walton, Beth Harris, Cheryl Nidd, Kaye Merritt and Ron Edwards.

  1. Adjournment: Motion of Adjournment made by Julianne Smrke, 2:05 p.m.

                   Next Executive Meeting:  May 21, 2019   Indulge/ Sugar Daddy’s Restaurant

                                    Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Nidd