Come From Away & Niagara-Shaw Bus Trips

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Mirvish Productions in Toronto have released our dates for two trips to see the award winning play Come From Away.  The first trip will take place on Tuesday, May 1 & Wednesday, May 22018. The second trip will run on Wednesday, May 30 & Thursday, May 31, 2018.  We will stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel--a very short walk to the Royal Alexandra Theatre.    



or contact Murray Neil (705-472-1547 or


TRIP #1 -  Click **HERE** for the itinerary of the trip onTuesday, May 1 & Wednesday, May 2, 2018 

TRIP #2Click **HERE** for the itinerary of the trip on Wednesday, May 30 & Thursday, May 31, 2018   


Click **HERE** to view/download a copy of the Waiver Form (one waiver for either trip)


September 24-26, 2018

Niagara Falls & Niagara-on-the-Lake

…featuring OH CANADA EH? Dinner & Show

& Shaw Festival’s GRAND HOTEL

Click **here** for the ITINERARY

Click **here** for the WAIVER FORM 




Revised Clarification of Travel-Related Issues and Liability: The Role of the District Executive, Treasurer
and Others (e.g. District Travel Organizer)

When RTO/ERO obtained liability insurance to cover District-sponsored travel, our processes had to be explained to the insurance broker and company, and they allowed us to purchase insurance under certain rules.  These rules were developed in consultation with legal counsel and the auditors to protect RTO/ERO, its Districts and its members from possible liability in the event that a local District or member was found negligent in a court of law in a case related to travel. 

It should be clear, therefore, that RTO/ERO must adhere to these rules, the understanding with the insurers, and the rules that the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) and the Consumer Protection BC have in place for travel.  Please note that these regulations apply to any District travel in which transportation and/or accommodation is involved as part of a District excursion, including short and day trips.


Please note that it is TICO’s position that RTO/ERO does not meet an exemption as detailed in section 2 of Ontario Regulation 26/05 of the Travel Industry Act.  All trips, therefore, must follow this revised Protocol to ensure RTO/ERO remains TICO-compliant.

Who Collects, Holds, Disburses Travel-Related Funds
(There is a significant change as to what Districts may and may not do)

Districts may sponsor, but NOT organize any travel involving transportation and/or accommodation.  These must be organized by a TICO certified travel agent (applicable to Ontario Districts), or a travel agent registered through Consumer Protection BC (applicable to BC Districts).

In all travel situations, trip participants must make payments directly to the travel agent.  This applies to day trips, overnight trips, as well to major out-of-province bus tour packages.  There are two reasons for this.  It ensures that participants may be refunded if the travel agent, tour operator or carrier defaults.  Secondly, both the District as well as RTO/ERO are potentially liable for tax if Canada Revenue Agency performs an audit and finds that the District is involved in the business of organizing tours.  RTO/ERO will not be held responsible for a trip that is sponsored and organized by a travel agency.

Small same day trips within the home province, such as those to Stratford, may be sponsored by Districts but must be organized by TICO and Consumer Protection BC-registered agencies.

All tour, trips, cruises that are sponsored by a District and organized by a travel agent on behalf of a District require that each participant sign a WAIVER before making any payments.